Quiz: Are You Subconsciously Attached to the Chaos of Clutter?

I recently read a book by Julie Morgenstern - whom I bow to as an organizing Goddess.  There is a quiz in her book that I want to share with you (from the book titled Organizing from the Inside Out).  Answer the questions to help identify the psychological obstacles that are stumbling blocks on your road to get and STAY organized.

1. Does the idea of a spare, clutter-free space make you feel anxious?

2. Are you a highly visual person?

3. Do you habitually buy things in large quantities?

4. Does the prospect of getting rid of anything disturb you?

5. Do you harrass yourself with the mantra, "I've got to get organized, I've got to get organized?"

6. Do you frequently turn down social activities to stay home and get organized? 

7. Are you afraid getting organized might squelch your creativity?

8. Does the prospect of being truly organized fill you with simultaneous feelings of excitment and an accompanying dread?

9. Were you more organized at an earlier time in your life?

10. Does the cluttered state of your home or office keep you from letting people visit?

11. Did you grow up in an extremly chaotic household?

12. Did you grow up in an extremely orderly household?

13. Are you a high acheiver who must do everything perfectly?

Creating awareness of some of the factors that may be blocking your progress is a crucial step in the organizing process.